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peachymomo(Ca 8)June 3, 2010

I am planning on landscaping my front yard and IÂm having trouble deciding on some of the plants. I am putting in two long raised beds in front of the fence, the one in back will be a foot and a half taller and twice as wide as the one in front. The exposure is mostly 6-7 hours of sun, but one end gets only 3-6 hours. I am putting in a hedge of Heavenly Bamboo in the very back, it should do well in both sun and shade. In front of that I want to put a row of Rose bushes in the tall bed and a row of Tree Roses in the short bed, the colors will be mostly yellows with some red and pink blends.

Where it is too shady for roses I need some sort of substitute that will follow the same color scheme and have a similar form. I need 2 Rose Bush subs and 3 Tree Rose subs, I am considering Clove Currants for the bush subs because although they wonÂt be as showy as the roses they have yellow fragrant flowers and I like edible landscaping. The Tree Rose subs are harder, I thought about Camellias but I already have 4 of those and they are way bigger than tree roses. Maybe a single, small Japanese Maple would be good, but I donÂt want all three to be maples because IÂd like the other two to bloom.

Suggestions please?

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Hmmmm ... What you are asking doesn't really fit easily into a particular forum. Landscape Design deals, as some one put it recently, with everything from the street to the foundation. It would, for instance, be more about how these beds function in relationship to the house, drive, other hardscape, other beds & plants, etc.

Since you are specifically asking for substitute plants for roses, maybe the rose forum could offer some suggestions. I believe there are even a few roses that can handle less sun. Anyway, they would be the gardeners with the most experience in rose presentation and choices.

Since you indicate zone 9b, you might also try the California forum, or Florida, or wherever it is that puts you in zone 9. Many of us with LZS (Lower Zone Syndrome) are simply unfamiliar with what might or might not work for you.

I'm not asking the design questions that come to mind from your situation, as it sounds like you have already made your design choices and are now only looking for the right substitutes to finish what you've already "designed".

Roses scare me, although I love them, so I hope you get the result you are after ...

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