Some links for 3/8" sieves

carat37(7)August 7, 2013

As a recent devotee of Al's Gritty Mix, I've been touring the nooks and crannies of my area (central MD) collecting supplies.

After a brief and slightly psychotic session using wire cutters to snip out 3x3 squares from the 1/8" hardware cloth I did manage to find, I decided to consult ebay for a pre-made 3/8-ish sieve. Expensive, but cheaper than therapy or a 100' roll of 3/8" cloth.

Success! But I wanted to share some of the links if anyone else is suffering from the same madness:

3/8 Garden Sieve

3/8" Sieve 2

3/8" Sieve 3 (1 avail)

8mm Sieve (1 avail)

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Here is a link to a manufacturer who makes steel wire cloth in different sizes the closest to 3/8" (0.375") is 0.38" opening size. Seems cheaper and larger than those in your links.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wire Cloth

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Thank you! Figures :> I think I had seen this site, but at many others like it the minimum order amount was insane or the shipping was wicked. But I just placed an order there and the shipping was less than $7 for UPS Ground (for 7' ea. of 2 diff. size meshes). Of course, you don't know that until you enter payment details and hit "submit order".

Now I can build actual screening trays. Hooray!

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

I made up one screen 2 foot square of 2x4 lumber with 1/2 inch hardware cloth stapled to the bottom. Any smaller mesh I need is simply laid on top of 1/2 inch screen. I have found no problem buying what size and amount I need by the foot at my local Ace Hardware. Al

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You've got a better ACE hardware store than us! Even the longtime locally owned hardware store that sells everything under the sun doesn't carry the screen by the foot anymore, and only has 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 in rolls for $20+ apiece. They couldn't even order a 3/8" roll.

But I used the link provide by JYounk and ordered 3/8" cloth. Pine fines seem to be the norm around here (as opposed to the fir bark). Even getting those is challenging. First try was something from Lowe's, and the bag was filled not just with sapwood, but white mold.

I just built a test screen with some scrap 1x3 I had. I should have checked my email earlier, and I would have done it with the largest mesh---I used 1/8" of course :), because that's a great shortcut idea to just lay the smaller mesh inside the same frame!

My dad was suggesting using two layers of 1/2" offset by 1/8" in 2 directions, but it was starting to make my head hurt.

Based on your method, I'm thinking of putting together some aspen lathe strips we used for kindling this past winter, in a flat frame the inside dimensions of the main screening box. Then I can push that down over the pieces of loose screen so they'll lie flatter against the 1/2". Or does that not seem to be in an issue in your experience?


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I was having the same trouble locating a 3/8" sieve when I lucked out just roaming the internet. offers a sturdy well-built one which I've been using for two months. My impression after much use is that it's built to last and will take a lot of punishment! Price at that time was about $23 plus postage.

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zeuspaul(9b SoCal)

Check out your local nursery or big box store for the 16 inch square nursery trays. I have one that has a 3/8 bottom mesh, one with 7/16, and a few larger sizes. You can usually get these for free if you buy a few six packs of vegies.

The nicest one I have is a Traex flatware 19 inch square flatware dishwasher rack with a 3/8 inch bottom mesh. The sides are 3.5 inches tall but I bought an extender to make them 5 inches tall. I paid about 20 bucks for the rack at a local restaurant supply.

Milk crates also make good sieves. I don't have 3/8 but one of mine is 3/4. It can be useful to make a first pass of some larger sized bark. It can speed up the sifting if you get the bigr pieces out first.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dishwasher flatware rack.

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