Fafard Pro Potting Mix or Organic Potting Mix

yumtomatoes(10a/FLA)August 24, 2011

I want to grow tomatoes in a container. Over on the Tomato forum, many recommend Pro-Mix BX for this. I can't get Pro-Mix BX locally but I can get 2 Fafard products - their Professional Potting Mix and their Organic Potting Mix. Is either preferable over the other? Are both better than Miracle Gro Potting Mix? These are the ingredients:

Fafard Organic Potting Mix: Contains natural Canadian sphagnum peat moss, aged pine bark, perlite, vermiculite, dolomitic limestone, gypsum, and all natural Perdue organic fertilizer with no synthetic materials such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or water conditioners. Meets National Organic Program (NOP) guidelines.

Fafard Professional Potting Mix: This lightweight formula has been pH adjusted and combines Canadian sphagnum peat moss, processed pine bark, vermiculite, and perlite for excellent drainage and great results.

In addition, they both contain a wetting agent, although it is not specified what the wetting agent is.

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I can tell you that both are probably carrying way too much peat which breaks down faster than a rotted tomato left out in the hot sun.

You aim is to go for the heavier mixes such as Fafard nursery mix or fafard53 I think?
They tend to carry more bark than peat.

Good luck


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penfold2(4b, MN)

The only Fafard products I'd consider using are the nursery mix and the 52 mix. The nursery mix is 25% peat, and the 52 mix is 30% peat. Both are still a bit heavy in peat, but they're probably the best bagged mixes you'll find. If you can find them that is. I think they're aimed mainly at commercial growers. Making your own yields the best result if you're willing to locate the ingredients.

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Thanks, I can't get the Fafard nursery mixes.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Oops - I guess this thread answers the question I asked in your other .... ;-)


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This sounds promising although it won't be on the market I think until next year: Jiffy Mix natural and organic for growing tomatoes and vegetables. Contains sphagnum, composted bark, med. grade perlite, lime, natural fertilizer, and wetting agent. I can't tell the proportions. If you could skip the fertilizer it might be close to Fafard #3 which I look for in our area and can't find. Ferry-Morse, 10 qt., about $4.00.

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