garden in a bottle watered just once in 53 years

greentoe357August 15, 2013

The ultimate in container gardening. Saw this article online.

"Thriving since 1960, my garden in a bottle: Seedling sealed in its own ecosystem and watered just once in 53 years".

Interesting that the plant at the center of the story is Tradescantia.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Well, that is interesting! Looks like T. fluminensis. DH's Mom has some in an aquarium all the way under water, exactly the opposite, but kinda similarly weird. It's been there for almost a year. Hers is T. zebrina.

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Fascinating, thanks for posting.

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One of my uncles made one of these in the 1970s, and my grandmother had it until she moved out of her house a few years ago. I was always fascinated by it but very sadly it disappeared around the time of her move. It definitely had several kinds of plants in it. It was a similar bottle size and shape, but with no cap, and I don't think it was watered more than every so often. I would love to know how to make one.

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