Changing a Dry Stack Wall

aloha2009June 19, 2011

We currently have a beautiful dry stacked wall thats about 30" high. We HATE altering it at all but for traffic flow there isn't any good way around it. We need to install steps through/over it.

We've thought of 2 alternatives. We've thought of leaving the wall intact and installing deck type steps over it. Least expensive but may look cheezy.

Another would be to remove a portion (in the middle) of the wall and install imbedded steps. We're concerned though about the integrity of the wall. My DH has tweeked the ends with no problem but down the middle seems to be a whole other situation.

If you have another alternative, we are open for suggestions.

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karinl(BC Z8)

These are our steps in a dry stack wall. You could also add something like this onto the front of the wall without actually disturbing it; you would only hide a portion of the wall behind the stairs. It would waste some stone but at least you'd be fairly confident of structure, as the wall would remain contiguous.


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30" is tall for dry stack. If you try to embed steps, you would have to totally redo a large area of the wall. You could do what karinl suggests using matching stone. You will probably have to mortar the steps unless the wall is made of 4" thick stone.

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We've got a few extra stones that we might be able to use. My DH isn't as fond of the natural look as I am but we could put some of the rocks in place and see what he thinks. The wall is about 12-15" thick.

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