Krimson Princess Hoya for trade

Moosetrackz(9)October 11, 2011

So I got this hoya from Home Depot. Its beautiful and very long. Its been growing well and has one peduncle. Recently, however, I found out it has some of those white mealy bugs. I've been treating it with alcohol spray but its not 100% cured yet. It doesn't seem to have a lot of them though. They're not in huge clusters like most of the pictures I see on the web. Just a few here and there on the leaves.

I'm looking for someone local to trade with. I can't mail it so you will have to be in the chino/ontario/rancho area of southern California, sorry :(.

So if anyone is willing to give this big hoya a nice home I'll trade for any of the following house plants. I can also throw in a nice rooted baby spider plant and/or some cuttings of my Inch plant to sweeten the deal because of the mealy bugs issue. Thanks!

-Any easy to care for orchid of any type as long as its medium light.

-An Aglaonema (chinese evergreen) preferably a red or silver variety.

-A Satin Pothos.

-Any colorful Croton.

-Persian Shield.

-A Maranta.

-A curly spider plant. Bonnie I believe its called.

-Arrow head plant.

I'm open to any other house plants as well. Just make me an offer! If you could post a pic of what your offering that would be great too. Thanks! :)

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Ohhh my goodness did you find a home for that plant? I wish I was out there, I am able to mail plants and if you haven't found a home I have a tri-colored hoya plant about the same size, just not as long that I could trade with you for it. I could send my part of the trade first so you could see how to ship plants?

Sound interesting? Hope to trade with you
Sharon Cash~Gold Trader (on PlantSwap)
Zone 7

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