Incorportae Blue Spruce in to Landscape

kmack17(6 NJ)June 16, 2012

Hello, here's a picture of the left side of my house and yard when looking at it from the street:

The landscpae is obviously lacking and I'm trying to put together a plan for me to tackle this fall. I really like Colorado Blue Srpuce trees and want to incorporate at least one in to the design. I don't want it to get much taller than 15', so I was thinking of planting a Fat Albert Spruce in the center of the 32' fence. My thought was to have this tree come out a little further than the bed is currently cut and flank it with 2 somewhat smaller evergreens with yellow foliage. I want to achieve some level of privacy from the street without shading out the grass and garden that grow just on the back yard side of the fence. The house faces west, so a 15' tall tree would only provide afternoon shade, which would be ok. In front of whatever yellow evergreens I choose, I would plant smaller plants with a variety of colors (mostly reds, probably). Any thoughts on this plan or suggestions on what trees or plants I should use?

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"Fat Albert" wouldn't be too bad a choice; keeping in mind that it can ultimately have a 7-10' footprint, too. Planting out to compensate for the fence is a good idea.

Consider the ninebark "Dart's Gold" for additional fence shrubs. Extremely no care. Very prunable (but why??), but usually top out around 8'. I've had two of them - facing west - for maybe six years now. They're getting the characteristic, interesting, shreddy looking bark and have lovely long arching branches now covered with flowering buds. I love the yellow/chartreuse leaf color in the spring and summer.

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kmack17(6 NJ)

That is some striking foliage, at least in the pictures I saw. I saw a range of mature sizes, but is 8' high by 6' wide realistic? I think that would be a pretty good size for what I'm thinking.

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Yes, left to their own devices and being able to resist the temptation to prune. I don't get any suckering, but there are several main branches which just get taller and more arching each year. It's the arching that gives it the substance and width... not more trunks growing from the original root.

Left alone, they're about as nice a shrub as any. Pruned into a meatball, not so much.

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