Cilantro in the 5-1-1

TheMasterGardener1(5B)August 3, 2012

Hi everyone. :)

I just planted some Cilantro seeds in the 5-1-1 and can't wait for a fall harvest of cilantro. Anyone know a place that is still selling seeds this time of year? HD seeds are not there anymore. I want to do more cilantro and would like to find some more seeds. Any ideas?

I will update it when the cilantro is growing nice.

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The grocery store.. cilantro (leaves) and coriander seeds are from the same plant.

Indian groceries stores sell large amounts of whole seeds for very cheap, but I doubt you need that many.

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Find an Indian family or an Indian store, get a handful of coriander seeds and throw it in the dirt. It is cheap stuff anyway. Here in Pittsburgh it re-seeds itself every year and I get way more cilantro than I can consume. It likes cool weather otherwise it will bolt very quickly. I always get a spring and fall crop. Some of the fall ones even survive through the winter. I think 511 mix is an overkill for cilantro. It grows like dandelions, in cracks, crevices, etc. Same with Arugula, Purslane and Mint. Anyway have fun and post pictures when you can.

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Great info. Thanks!!!

I think I found a place to get those coriander seeds. I have a area in ground that is fenced off I am growing some more cilantro at. I know what you mean by just broadcasting them in the area I want to grow, its so easy :)

Thanks again.

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Pike Nursery in my area (Marietta, Georgia) seems to keep some seeds up for sale year round.

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Also once you have cilantro growing let one or two plants go to seed. Save those and next year can use some in early spring and then late summer. Store them dry. They tend to get these tiny bugs even inside a sealed bag.

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It might be a bit hot to start Cilantro seeds outside right now in your zone. Might be best to start some indoors, and plant out end of month for a fall crop.

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Just an update on the Cilantro in the 5-1-1. They are growing fast! They have established way quiker then the ones in peat moss. Even for starting seeds peat moss just does not give results like the 511.

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