kinda early for nighty-nite time?

terratoma(7a)August 9, 2013

In talking with a local extension agent, it was indicated that I should stop fertilizing container plants. I described the fertilizer used (Foliage Pro), along with my watering and feeding schedule. I reiterated that these are container grown plants, even describing the medium (gritty mix). And she reiterated that I should cease all feeding.
Is she right? Guess I was under the impression that I should continue feeding for another 4-6 weeks and begin tapering off at that point.

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Depends on what you are fertilizing. Annuals and veggie crops I continue to fertilize until I rip them out for the winter. Permanent plantings, especially woody ones, you might want to at least cut back on. With a growing season of only 4-6 weeks left, I might consider once (maybe twice) more.

FWIW, in my mild climate and long growing season, I use a slow release fert (Osmocote) in very early spring on all permanent container plantings and a dilute water soluble only a couple/three times during the growing season. By this time of year I have pretty much stopped any supplemental fertilization on these containers, but continue the water soluble program on any seasonal container plantings.

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