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nandina(8b)June 13, 2012

Today I found a delightful book of garden essays free on Kindle. HICKORY ROAD RAMBLINGS by Barbara Jean McHugh, a garden writer living in NC. As you know, Kindle freebies come and go quickly. Hope it remains free for a few days for you all to enjoy as the thermometer creeps upward.

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Got it Anne. Thanks for the tip, I will let you know what I think of it.

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Going to grab my hands on that book asap. :) Will let you guys know of my reviews.

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The photographs are amazing, really moody and shows a good eye for detail, the text not so much. I think it would have been better presented as a picture book with insightful captions as the text is cliche ridden. Maybe non gardeners will enjoy it more but I think her writing style shows none of the artistry of her photos and tries to hard to disguise that with cliche.

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