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vicki613June 22, 2013

We are replanting landscaping in front of our house. I would love some input especially for the middle section. I plan to plant a Little Lime on the right near the porch and plant a dwarf Alberta spruce on the left side. I have an everblooming rose and five winter gem boxwoods that I can use in the middle. I will post another picture from the porch.

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This is a side view from our porch.

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It looks to me like you are planning to plant a bit close to the house and that the plants currently there are somewhat close (and the variegated dogwood is too large for its spot.) In order to prevent future maintenance issues, figure out the future width of your plants, divide by 2, and then add 3 feet to that to figure out how far from the house to plant. That will give you room between the shrubs and the house to clean, repaint trim, replace windows, etc. You might need to widen your bed some more in order to do that. Also, be sure that you can comfortably run your lawnmower along the curves in your bed.

I guess I am not sure what your question is. It seems like you have chosen your shrubs and their approximate location. Do you want perennials or groundcover?

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Nhbabs is right, planting too close to the house may cause some issues for you, if I were you I would use lime here aswell to compliment the other lime can always plant the alberta slightly out and forward to add symmetry etc?

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the input on planting too close to the house. Now I have a formula to confidently place the plants when we do plant them.

I had chosen the shrubs (Little Lime, Dwarf Alberta, 5 small Boxwoods) but I am open to them being placed anywhere that would make more design sense.

If we were to plant a tree where the big hole is instead of the dwarf Alberta, what kind of tree would be best? The front of our house faces south and our soil is clay, not sandy. When I am sitting on my porch, looking right I see the brick side of our neighbor's house. Would a serviceberry tree work?

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Once those boxwoods go in the ground, they will barely be visible. Are you patient enough to wait the years it will take for them to fill out?

I can see them under the window, but they'd be hard to place in a way that would seem right to my eye with the Little Lime in the corner.

Can you post a picture showing more of the yard? It would be nice to see the area you want to screen from the street.

Are you open to using other plants with or instead of the boxwoods? You might get more ideas with fewer limits.

You have a nice setting for your home. I hope you get many good ideas for the front.

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