Radish question

kissingfrogs2003August 21, 2011

I have sparkler radishes growing currently (a smaller container friendlyvariety) and this is my first time attempting to grow underground veggies!

I am wondering how to tell when radishes are OK to be "harvested"?

Here is a few photos of the radishes "growing up":

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I grow tons of radishes, planting 24 per week, so I have a constant supply. I usually keep track of how many days to maturity, and when that time rolls around, use your finger to shove the dirt around the base to the side a bit, to get a look at the diamter of the top of the bulb. You're looking for an inch or so, give or take. Remember though, if you pick them too early, they are still excellent, but if you wait to long, they get woody tasting and hot, and some will crack. I hope yours turn out great, and next year, you can try growing them un succession to you have a constant supply. Note though that they are a cool season crop, and long, hot summer days don't provide the best results. You will beable to plant plenty more yet this fall.


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How do I know when to start digging around and feeling diameters?

I don't want to disturb root systems and such unneccessarily :)

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If the seeds were planted correctly, about 1/2" deep, usually the red tops will start to show. Otherwise, just dust away some of the soil around the base of the leaf stalks. You don't need to go deep at all, so you won't disturb the roots. Be mindful of when you plant(ed) them, to the day, because they are quick growers. Also, do not leave the greens attached, cut them off immediately when you harvest, or the radish will shrivel. If you can't see the red tops, or you can't find them immediately below the surface, they aren't ready. Also, if you grow a spring variety, which don't like heat, in the hot summer weather, the roots may not develope correctly. I planted some 2 weeks ago, when the temps dropped to the low to mid 70's, but, unfrotunately, it has hit the low 80's a few times, which is not good. Radishes need to stay below 80 for sure.


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When I lived on the coast of California on the Monterrey bay I had a customer known as the Radish King. With 200 acres right on the beach he planted 10 acres of radish every 3 weeks. They were planted in almost pure sand, and with the summer ocean fog he harvested year around. Al

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Thanks Joe. I just had the yen to grow radishes for me and my co workers. Actually they just came up today and I am still pretty excited. I bought 3 different types of seeds and plan on starting some more every week or two. Thank you for the advice.

I was stationed at Fort Ord, lol few years back (1982). I loved the Monterey area. I can see it in my minds eye. And the pier. Feed the sea lions. Cannery Row. It is probably so different now with the Aquarium. Thanks for the memories.

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