Strawberry plant invasion?

kissingfrogs2003August 21, 2011

I have a few strawberry plants growing in a container, none of which have produced fruit yet. When watering this week, I noticed this strange plant growing in there as well...

The leaves are noticibly different from the strawberries around it, but unline anything else in my garden! I can't tell if its supposed to be there or what I should do about it!

Here is a pic of the container:

Here is a closeup of the possible "invader":

Any suggetions or insights?

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Most of us get weeds in our containers. The good part is that they are easily pulled out, if done before they are allowed to take over. Al

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Is this a weed? I am not sure how to tell :)

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There are many sites on your computer that will picture weeds, if it is important for you to know its name. In a container if you did not plant it there, it is a weed, and the sooner removed the better. Al

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