Edamame Question

kissingfrogs2003August 21, 2011

This is my first venture into veggies and I can officially say I have Edamame (Envy Soybean) pods growing!!!

One thing I am uncertain of is whether my Edamame plants need to be "butterfly clipped" to some bamboo stakes or if they are ok to grow as is...

They have begun to wind around each other (although still easily untangle-able) and I am worried they will not be able to support the pods as they grow (I have about 30 at the moment).

Here are pics of my little ladies "growing up", including a shot of the cute little pods!:

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I am still looking for help with this...should I "stake" or not?

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I'm growing some Edamame in a container right now, and I do have each one tied to an individual stake for extra support just in case.

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