Making a vegetable bed

crozzroadJune 16, 2011


First time posting here :-)

I wanted to check if laying newspaper & compost/mulch is a good idea to make a vegetable bed in an existing lawn. One of my friends told me that this will not work as the lead content in the newspaper will make the soil unsuitable for vegetable gardening .

Your valuable thoughts ? ?



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Your friend needs to drink deeper into the proverbial Pierian Spring...

Nearly all of the ink in newspapers today is soy based using carbon to make the color black. Harmless.

Newsprint is simply thin paper made from a combination of recycled matter/fiber and wood pulp. Harmless.

Google lasagna gardening for instructions on how to best prepare the space and pile stuff on for future gardening/planting.

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As d:in:flower suggests so much of gardening is of the suck it and see variety. But back to the beginning.....

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Call your local newspaper and ask if their inks include heavy metal. I regularly use newspaper and unprinted cardboard under my mulch to keep down weeds, but I know that my local paper uses soy inks.

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