I found pine bark fines in Marietta, Georgia!

Paul_30068(7)August 26, 2012

I have no affiliation with this company -- Wood-Tech out of Canton, GA -- I just wanted to share that I have successfully used their soil conditioner *AS-IS* for the pine bark fines ingredient in Al's 5-1-1 mix!

Since it is made of fully composted pine bark fines there are some small particles (maybe 15%) so I cut back on the sphagnum peat ingredient a little bit.

I bought this product labeled as "Aunt Nancy's Soil Conditioner". I don't know whether this is a stock or custom label. The distributor's website mentions that they offer private labels. I bought the product at Rick's Farmers Market in Marietta, GA.

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Very nice! I still have to buy pine bark and sift it out. I end up with 5 gal of pine fine in the 1/8-3/8" range per 2 cuft of pine bark, the rest is used for decorative mulch. The 511 is the best mix I have ever worked with!

What are some plants you like to grow in the 511 Paul? I just planted a few parlor palms in it!

Here is one! :)

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Nice. I am growing veggies in containers. I started this year using Miracle Grow and learned the hard way that this doesn't work out so well in containers. It compacts down way too much and then perched water sits in the bottom all of the time.

Then I discovered this website and learned about 5-1-1. I took a tomato plant that had nearly drowned and brought it back to life in "pure" 5-1-1 (where I sifted) and now it is only second to a tomato plant that I put into my rose garden in the ground.

In addition I am growing eggplant in the mix and I just started from seed broccoli, spinach, cabbage, and some more raddish.

Next year I will try more veggies and deeper/larger containers (storage totes e.g.) and see how it goes. I would like to compare my potato yield out of a large tote with MG versus 5-1-1, e.g.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Good find, Paul. What are the prices like?

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I believe it was $3.26 per 2 cu ft bag plus 6% tax so $3.46 total.

I had been buying 2 cu ft soil conditioner bags from Walmart for a little less ($2.60 plus tax = $2.76) however you really have to sift that one and then you'll get 50% PBF; they are nicely sized and light, though. But for both money and time this new find is better.

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