Where on-the-plant do Potatoes grow?

lola8325 zone5KS(zone 5)April 19, 2014

Where on-the-plant do Potatoes grow? ..... growing potatoes using potatoes cut into seed potatoes sets. After planting seed potatoes do the future potatoes develop ABOVE or BELOW the seed potato? If the seed potato is planted deeper will more potatoes be produced above the seed potato set? If the seed potato is planted shallow will it produce more because the potatoes produced will grow under the seed potato set?

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They grow above the roots, That is why hilling up is recomended.

Here is a link that might be useful: Potato growth

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Agree although it may vary to some small degree with the variety. Deeper planting without hilling can work if the soil is very loose but the normal depth is 6-8" and the plants are then hilled with loose soil and mulch.


Here is a link that might be useful: How potatoes grow

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Interesting question. Thanks for the link, farmerdill.
From the pics, it looks as though they sometimes grow above and sometimes below the seed -- kind of depending on where the roots make their way to.

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lola8325 zone5KS(zone 5)

THANK YOU for all the replies and information!! Lola

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The potato spud itself sends up several eyes, and when the eye reaches soil emergence, the eye starts producing leaves, and the plant starts growing roots. Most potatoes will grow multiple eyes. Some gardeners like to have 2 or 3 good, growing eyes on each peiece of seed potato that they cut up. Some gardeners prefer to halve them, and smaller scale gardeners will plant the whole potato.

On the roots, under the newly growing potato plant is where the potatoes grow (literally next to the parent piece of seed potato), and if you hill around the plant, and cover up most of the growth (leaving half the plant still uncovered) the newly covered stem will send out new roots, and produce potatoes in the soil that you hilled.

You can also take a potato plant and add a tire around the base, then fill with dirt, and grow potatoes upwards as high as you stack tires filled with dirt. The problem is, the higher you go, the smaller all of the potatoes get because of the length of the growing season. But it's still interesting that a potato plant can grow 5 feet tall or more and produce spuds all along the 5 feet of buried growth.

My great grandfather was SUCH a tightwad, he would pick the eyes out of the potatoes before supper in the spring, and plant just the picked out eyes. Most of them didn't grow, but every time he got a potato plant to grow from just the eye he felt like he was being the thriftiest guy alive. Old skinflint.

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