would this work for planter, what to plant in it if so?? thanks

jameya(zone 5/ central indiana)August 5, 2014

So i went to some garage sales last weekend, and i found this neat looking thing from maybe the 1980's. I bought it thinking i could use it as a small planter for something. I got to really looking at it and realized there is not any drain holes in the bottom of it, and not sure if i can make a couple or not. So i dedcided to take a picture of it and post it on here and see if others had any suggestions...do you think a small catcus would be good in here, or some other type of small plant?? It appears whomever had it might have used it for a planter at some point. It has old soil, a couple small chucks of bark, and something that looks like mini tumble weeds. Lol.
Any ideas or thoughts would be helpful. I am not crafty by nature but thought this was a neat little planter. The bottom of it seems to be a solid black plastic and the back is mirrors and front glass.

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jameya(zone 5/ central indiana)

Here is the bottom of it. It feels like plastic. I could get a small drill bit and put a few of them through out the bottom.

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If you could drill holes without damaging, that's what I would do.


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jameya(zone 5/ central indiana)

Thanks jane :) i will try it and see what happens. There is some dirt in it, so im not sure how well it worked for them, or even what it is really supposed to be. I just thought it looked kind of interesting and got it.
If i can get a few holes in it, do you think a small catcus would be better to try and put in it??

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

If the bottom is plastic, heat a nail/screw/bolt held in a pair of pliers and simply push it through the plastic to create drainage.


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jameya(zone 5/ central indiana)

Once AGAIN Al,
Thanks for the advice. That sounds like it would be easier. It seems someone else had tried to grow something in it, but it appears to not of turned out to well due to seeing the left behind stuff in it. I love the idea of finding different and neat things to use as planters. And after looking through this site and seeing pictures of yours and others i was inspired to visit garage sales, and thrift stores in hopes of finding random odds and ends to use as planters.
How do you decided what will work and what wont?? I know drainiage is a main thing. But i seen a catcus of al's i believe that was in this round jar that i dont think it had holes in the bottom (i found a slightly larger and different color jar that was like in a picture and it does not have darin holes and its cermatic) but a catcus was planted in it so thats why i was thinking catcus of some sort, but i do have a small jade plant i was thinking of trying to take a leave and start it. I might try that out with this planter maybe instead of buying more plants right now.
My adventure starts tomorrow. I have found all the things that will work to make the 5-1-1 mix and i am starting tomorrow to start the sifting of materials to try and make a batch :) i have a couple different things i am going to try and use for a screen. I think that might be the only thing i am unsure of at this time, but i guess i wont learn unless i try it :)
Thanks all for the help and suggestions as i am just learning but willing to try some things to see what happens. Its definalty a learning curve :)

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