Spacemaster cucumber

lucille(Houston)April 22, 2013

I bought some seeds for the Spacemaster Cucumber, says it gets 24" tall. Somewhere I think I saw a description of it as 'determinate' and I had never seen that applied to a cucumber before. Does it produce all season, or do its thing and then shut down?

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I never heard of the variety and never heard of a cucumber getting that tall. When I looked it up it seems to be a good cucumber and it is supposed to have short vines maybe that accounts for the height.

Determinate can be applied to any vine. All it means is that the plant has a determined height and growth.

In Tomatoes you can buy Indeterminate (vine tomatoes) which can grow 16 feet or so and determinate (bush tomatoes) which only grow about 4 feet

Other than the growth habit it should produce like any cuke. The only difference will be the size of the cucumbers and the size of the plant.

I grow a smaller vined cuke--Cool Breeze. I don't know if it's classed as determinate but it is a variety we like and it takes up half the garden room that others do. It's nice and sweet and has good flavor. You must pick them when they are 4 or 5 inches long. If you leave them too long they get very seedy and not as good tasting

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I've grown Spacemaster. I'd consider it a "bush" cucumber--or short-vine. Last year (and this year in another week or so) I grew 4 Spacemasters on the ground in a 4x4 bed (black plastic) and 4 more typical cukes climbing up a trellis on the east side of the bed. Worked for me.

The Spacemaster cucumbers are sort of blocky (at least mine were) but I thought the plants were pretty generous and we don't have a very good climate for warm season veggies.

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I have tried to upload a picture of my spacemaster from last year, but the site won't allow it. It's too big. If someone knows how to shrink it, I could upload it.

That being said, 24 inches seems a little bit small for what I grew. Mine were about 3 feet, but I ripped mine out in middle of July, because we did not like the flavor. They were bitter. SO I cannot speak about the size- and if it kept growing up. Some people grow them like a bush and let them overhang in their pots. We put ours in pots with a small trellis. I sent seed to my aunt in NJ 7a and she too ripped hers out because they were very bitter, she had hers in the garden plot. I wish you the best with spacemaster - maybe they will taste better where you are planting them. I wouldn't plant them again. They were compact and they didn't have cucumber beetle problems like all my other cucumber plants, so that was a plus.


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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

I thought when cukes didn't get enuff water they got bitter?

I have grown these before and for my space will grow the full sized straight 8's.

But that is the fun of gardening... trying something diff.

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Not enough? I dunno I probably water too much. I also grew deliktesse and they weren't bitter.

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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

Yep esp before harvest.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Lucile, I have grown Spacemaster here in Mississippi. The vines were closer to 3 to 4 feet, but that's still considerably smaller than standard vines. I was able to "arrange" them in circles and grew 3 vines in a 6'x4' raised bed. They did very well and I would call them a good cuc. Not the most delicious I ever had (that would be Marketmore), but my favorite of the three bush cucs I have tried. They did not, however, produce all summer. I have never grown a cucumber in this climate that did. They produce about a month, maybe six weeks and then the vines decline. I always plant a second crop with good results, but I have learned to wait until a bit later in the summer for the second crop because pickleworms will be in every last fruit if I don't.

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Thank you all. The cukes will be primarily for my (very spoiled) guinea pigs although I love cucumber/yogurt salads. While the consensus in the pig world is that one should not freeze piggie veggies, I've seen some good freezing recipes and will try to experiment a little.
There is a lot of misinformation in the pet/animal internet circles, so I generally study the facts and make up my own mind because a lot of what you here is some piece of information that has been echoed around without adequate thought.
I will use Donnabaskets idea and plant a second crop if the cukes peter out during the height of the Texas heat.

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runswithscissors(MT 4/5)

I'm trying spacemaster this year for the 1st time. The past two years I've grown "salad bush" and it is a super yummy tasting cuke, albeit the plant is not very vigorous. It grows stumpy and wilts easy and browns, but it does put out cukes. I'm trying several varieties this year...just to try to broaden my cucumber horizons.

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I grow in containers here on my balcony in Miami my plants hit 7'. Had to prune after hitting the roof. I grow organic in 12" pots using stakes and chicken wire to cage and mesh for fruit support. It is extremely aggressive tendrils will grab anything even a cacti. Very delicious cukes for salad or pick young for pickles. I start in domed sees trays then transplant to pots. Mine sprout after a few days and in 2 months over 7' with our hot sun I find it hard to over water, I have to water 2 to 3 times a day. Renner water the soil and not the plant. I use beem oil and diatomaceous earth for pest control

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That is great! If I had any sun on my deck, I would so do this. I did balcony/container gardening for awhile and it was fun. Now I know more and there are all these ideas so I am hoping I get to try them out next year. I think I would try vertical gardening in a raised-bed. I am not sure where I will be gardening next year.

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