Should I stake my corn?

TxanGoddessApril 15, 2012

My shoulder high corn (I am 5'7) got laid flat yesterday due to strong winds. I have never seen corn laid so completely low. I have mounded dirt up at the base of each stalk even more than they already had, and I did some amateurish stake work that wasn't ever intended as anything but a temporary--maybe just a feel good--measure.

My concern is that I do three sisters gardening, and if this windiness continues, I am not sure the corn can bear its weight and the bean vines.

I have never heard of anyone staking corn before, but I wondered if I should get out and do a better job of trying to stake it tomorrow? A light rain has started today, so maybe the rain will revive it. Anyway, if staking is indicated, what type of set up would be best/how would you work the rope/trellis?

Thanks in advance!

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I have staked in raised bed plantings. I used bamboo poles and electrical ties.

My goal this year is to prevent it from being blown over.

Good luck to you

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