Circular plastic tree rings filled with mulch?

hersheygardenerJune 10, 2008

I once found at Home Depot these circular rings to be put around trees, which could then be filled with mulch. They were made out of plastic and included a disc to prevent weeds with a lip around the edge that looked like lawn edging once it was filled with mulch. Neither Home Depot nor any other garden store has them any more. All I can find are the rubber mulch rings. Does anyone know where to find them on the internet or in a store?

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Maybe no one is selling them any more because they are bad for trees! Covering tree roots with plastic is a sure way to distress or kill your tree. The tree has feeder roots are close to the surface of the soil to collect water, air and other nutrients, covering these roots with even too much soil can do damage to the tree.

It really is best to mulch lightly under your trees and if you must have a precision edge you can cut one in, just be sure to keep it far from these feeder roots.

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When in doubt, follow the Renegade Gardener. That's my motto.

Here is a link that might be useful: Don't Circle Trees with Stuff

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I agree with ilikemud,plastic is bad for trees,how about plain wood chips,good for moisture, good for keeping the roots cooool!!!!!!!!!worms like it too. tootall

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Thanks for the link to the Renegade Gardener, deeje, I agree with everything except letting lawn grass grow to the shoulders of trees. Homeowners and lawn crews destroy more trees with the evil weed whacker than anything!

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Good point, ilikemud... I didn't think about weed whackers because we don't use one near our trees. A light (emphasis on *light*) mulching at the tree base would definitely be preferable to chipping at the bark with a whacker.

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I agree with the first person and dissagree with most of the rest.
I have had those plastic rings around trees and they are excellent they keep weeks from growing and if you set the mower a little high you can mow right over them and up to the tree. Trees do very well with these protectors. I am looking for more of them.
A pile of mulch is a pain. Get close and the mower picks it up and throws it so you can't mow close and must finish with weed eater every time.

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I just checked (06/12/11 and the tree rings are available at Home Depot at least on-line.
They are called "Arbor Edge Plastic Round Tree Rings"

I like them and use them without mulch really keeps weeds and grass away from the base of a tree. And you don't need a weed eater as if you set the mower a little high you can mow over the edge's. Also water flows in with no problem as there are opening plus the large opening in the center which could I suppose be enlarged for large trees.

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Yes, the circular plastic tray style of tree rings were bad for trees. But, they were great for protecting irrigation heads. I put them over / around the irrigation head, then added a rubberized ring of the same size, and then added a layer or two of small ornamental rocks to the top of the tree ring. This arrangement protected the irrigation head from errant lawn mowers and also kept the weeds at bay here in fast-growing Florida.

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