avoiding folaige with food

baxbAugust 21, 2011

Many if not all fertiliser feeds that you dilute, say to avoid touching the foliage when feeding. But in my container garden, this can be very difficult to limited space.

Last year i made a awful mistake when i fed a big pot of blooming dahlia, i poured all over the plants and next day it drooped, day after went black, next i was left with horrible sticks that faded to nothing. This all happened in one week.

Since then i have tried to buy food that does not instructs you to avoid foliage. By this, there is only pills which does not have much affect.

So now i have resorted to buy a feed that needs diluting. But please can be you advise me how to exactly feed the plants without burning them or damaging them. I always ensure that mixture is correcty measured. And i have tried to only pour liquid into corners with just soil. But does this actually mean the plants are being fed or am i just feeding that bit of soil?

Also, if i use a higher water mixture, can i use this in a hand pump mister spray for my indoor plants?

Its all a learning curve for me!

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I am not aware of any fertilizer on the market, used per directions on the package, that will give the results you describe. Al

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You will do best if you feed frequently with a soluble fertilizer (like Foliage pro 9-3-6 or Miracle-Gro 24-8-16 or 12-4-8 and apply often at reduced solution strength while avoiding getting the solution on the foliage.

You can do this by filling a watering can with a spout that forms a narrow stream, and directing the solution onto the soil instead of the plants.

You CAN use the same fertilizer in a weak solution as a foliar spray, but if you can see any positive effects from the application, you should look at it as indication there are other more serious issues that are preventing the plant from getting proper nutrition through the most efficient pathway (into the plant), the roots.


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