sealing/protecting wooden planter?

grullablue(5)August 5, 2011

I hope I'm posting in the right forum!

My son and step dad made a bench planter for my deck, I just LOVE it! I am not sure how to use it, however. I could put pots inside, but I'm not sure I'd like the look of round pots inside a square box, and finding square pots that would fit perfectly might be a bit of a challenge. I was curious if I could paint the inside of the boxes with something to protect them, then drill holes for drainage in the bottom? I'd considered two things...I don't know how much the first option would be...but that spray on bedliner stuff, or, roofing tar stuff. We used to use this sort of tar in our old galvanized livestock tanks when they'd get a hole in them, and eventually, when we would get a new tank, we'd just paint it on to help make the tank last longer, to keep it from rusting. So I'm wondering if either of these options might work, or if you all have any other ideas?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

First of all, that's a well-executed bench planter!

Definitely drill holes for drainage. I would seal the wood on the outside, too.
If you can find a square pot, that would be about the best solution. Otherwise, you
might try what I've done with wooden barrels. Take a large plastic bag, line the
inside, fill the container with your mix, then trim off the excess plastic.


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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

That is a beautiful bench. I would pay a pretty penny to have one like it. What kind of wood is it made of? I like Josh's idea of using a plastic bag to hold the potting mix, but use something very heavy duty or use two. Drainage holes and sealant are important too. I don't know what's in tar, but I have had the impression that it's not totally safe. I would want to make sure not to use anything that might leach toxins over time.

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Beautiful bench!! I had something similar to yours made by my father-in-law, He said he used a pruning sealer to seal the inside of the planter. These can be found at any nursery, He also used a weed barrier to line the inside. I would be afraid of the plastic withholding too much heat and not enough oxygen.The weed barrier can also be found at any nursery, just be sure to ask for the pro.used by the nursery's themselves. It will allow water to drain,oxygen to penetrate, and keep the media in place. The pruning sealer is extremely flammable so be careful.Good Luck ! I know however u chose to seal, and display you planter will be the envy of the whole neighborhood!

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A very nice job indeed. My first concern is for the drainage water staining the pristine deck. Even if you were careful with your watering there will be rain water. Your clever son and stepfather should be able to solve the problem. Years ago I made a 4x8 box for growing herbs and coated the inside with roofing tar which worked very well. The outside of the box and bench I would use the same sealer you use on the deck. Al

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