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lee12345June 15, 2012


I'd love some ideas for the front of my house. I'm not much of a gardener, so it needs to be relatively fuss-free and I'd like if it has some interest in the winter, as well.

Key details: Most of the front lawn is garden. We have a massive maple tree with roots everywhere. Most of the garden is done, with some yews on one side of the maple, lilies and periwinkle in front of the tree (near the street) and lots of hostas between the house and the tree.

We need to fill in the area directly in front of the house. Everything that was there had to be removed when we had some structural work done. I have some small cedars on one side and a sandcherry, although I think the sandcherry should be moved somewhere else. We also have an empty spot on one side on the steps that should have something.

Picture attached!

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I think the plants need a nice combination.high and low,different color need to match each other for a clear frame.

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I would plant 3 dwarf hollies, 3 boxwoods and keep them trimmed in the early spring. A small dwarf varity of Japanese maple would look amazing there as well if you don't need evergreen. A real color contrast would be some knock out roses.

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Should have said, 3 dwarf hollies or 3 boxwoods, or a small japanese maple varities, probably laceleaf. Two purple hydrangas would look nice if you like them, though I don't. You can do a lot in that spot, just be careful not to pick anything that grows up past the window height.

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