Plastic truck bed liner used as a planter ???

miniangusandmoreAugust 14, 2011

Not long ago, I decided to replace the plastic drop-in bed liner in my truck with a paint-in type. My thinking is that I might be able to use the drop-in liner for a larger planter for my vegetables. Has anyone ever done something like this or know of someone who has? Any suggestions??


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Are you going to bury it in the ground or something? I can't imagine it would be very pleasing to the eye if you just sat a truck bed liner on the ground and filled it with dirt. Sure, it would work if you put holes in the bottom for drainage, but personally, I don't quite grasp the idea behind it. I'd much prefer to either garden in the ground, or build a nice looking raised bed.


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I like creative recycling ideas, so if it makes your space work, why not? As Joe pointed out it won't be pretty if above ground so maybe you can dress it up or turn it into yard art. I wonder two things - if it's safe from toxicity issues, and whether it's impervious to gophers (in which case maybe I should buy one : )

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Since we live in Montana, where there is a shorter growing season for vegetable crops, we are trying to figure out ways to extend that season. The thing is that we don't necessarily want to bury the bed liner completely...looking for a way to provide some more insulation in order to possibly warm the ground up so that the plants can be put in sooner. Have looked into covering the plot with plastic, but have heard mixed reviews on the effectiveness of going that route.

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soil warming cables

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

bury it at an angle and make a pond. It would have a shallow and deep end.

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Filled with soil, that thing will be REALLY heavy, so I don't know that it matters whether you bury it or not. Hey, you outta just leave it in your truck bed, and plant it out. That way, when the nights are cold, you can just park in the garage. What a sight that would be, haha, driving down the road with a vegetable garden in your truck bed.


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