views into the woods / 'windows'

still_lynnskiJune 9, 2010

I've heard this concept mentioned, and am hoping that someone can offer more detail about how to achieve it. I understand the idea of choosing particular views within a very wooded area, but how does one create the "windows" that frame or give access to those views? Would you cut the growth that blocks the view straight down to the ground? I don't want a path into the woods at every point where there's a special view. Would you cut back all the growth to a certain height for a couple of feet across to provide the window? Thin the growth to provide glimpses of the view through the window?

I wonder if I'm taking the idea of "windows" too literally? All suggestions welcomed, thanks!

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"I wonder if I'm taking the idea of "windows" too literally?" it seems like it. Instead imagine the 'window' with Venetian blinds over it, you part the layers to gain a glint of your view, that is the effect I think.

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Let's say you have three exceptionally pretty spots - a nice rock, a striking flowering tree and a clump of bluebells in a clearing.

Instead of "window" think "peephole" and thin the growth between the path and the woods, or the viewing point and the woods, enough so you can get a glimpse to a full view of whatever it is.

YOu don't want a cleared tunnel to the spot - just a natural-looking thinned woods.

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