Cow Manure in Garden

exmarApril 3, 2012

Hi folks,

I've been using composted horse manure in my garden for a number of years. This year the supply dried up. It was coming from the country fairgrounds, but with the "budget shortfalls" all over they cut their equestrian program back to almost nonexistence.

I have a couple dump truck loads of cow manure being delivered. Don't know if it's composted or will have to sit and meditate for a year or so. Haven't used cow manure since I was a kid growing up on the farm. Anything I should be reminded of about using it?

Thanks for your time,


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Not a lot of different to me.
I am using mostly horse manure now, but they are close when composted.
I use more coffee grounds & coffee waste, but it works the same after composting.
rabbit-N 2.4%, P-1.4%, K-0.6%
Hen- N 1.1%, P-0.8%, K-0.5%
Horse- N 0.7%, P-0.3%, K-0.6%
cow- N 0.6%, P-0.2%, K-0.5%
This is from Organic Garden Magazine.
I think you will be pleased with the compost from the cow manure, at least I am.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Other than the need to be composted well first as with all manures, I find no difference between using horse or cow except I get less weed seeds from cow manure.


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Yes, one thing that happens to gardens that have been manured for a long time is that they develop an excess of P, and also K. Presumably most other minerals are in there in abundance, too, but if not, there will be chemical unbalances. It has happened to me and to others. In my case, wood ash may also have played a role. Although I see no diminished fertility, one of the gardens is now going to get only chemical N for a few years if not longer, plus some leaves to keep the worms churning.

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Thanks for the responses!

Dave, that was what I was trying to remember, I also recall that with cow manure there are less weeds. Must be something about the number of stomachs and doing a better job of breaking down the forage. Certainly there is usually not a lot of difference in feed-with respect to hay or grazing?

THanks again!


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Two dump truck loads of cow manure just delivered. Nice and composted. Guess I'll be putting the scoop on the back of one of the tractors and hauling it to the garden tomorrow.


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