WANTED: Creeping Phlox

llnoe(5)October 8, 2013

Hi, anyone have any creeping phlox for trade? I'm especially looking for Phlox stolonifera 'Sherwood Purple', but would love anykind of creeping phlox as I have lots of space and would love some.

My trade list if interested:

Lily of the Valley established plants
Rose of Sharon seedlings (or small bareroot trees) (mixed/unknown)
standard royal hostas
common orange daylilies
Rose of Sharon seeds (pink, lavender, white) not quite ready yet
Tiger lily seeds
white hibiscus seeds
yellow daylily seeds
canna lily seeds - dark pink
pink morning glory seeds

Thank you!


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I have some but not Sherwood. I believe it's "purple beauty". If you're interested let me know and I'll try to confirm the cultivar.

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Hi mjzzyzoff,

Yes, I'd be interested in a trade for the purple beauty. What would you like in trade?

Thank you.

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I'm desperately seeking hostas! Any kind is fine, if you have any that are seeding right now as well I'd love a few seeds also. I hear they don't always grow true from seed and I'm interested in trying to start some and see what I get.

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I thought that I had replied to you (maybe directly via email?). Now I'm not sure.

I do have some standard hostas and I could probably get you a little bit of a division of whirlwhind hosta. I do have seeds also. From a large beautiful hosta (don't know the name). I also have seeds of mouse ear hostas. I also have a large leaf blue hosta, but the seeds are not quite ready yet.

I also have some Marvel of Peru 4 o'clock seeds which I forgot to include above.

How much of the phlox were you thinking of sending? Maybe a small flate rate priority mail box?

Let me know. Thanks.


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I can send a small flat rate box. Any of those you listed would be fine! I didn't receive an email from you btw.

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