Evergreen backdrop for perennial bed?

TheShawMom(Zone 5)June 24, 2012

I have a new perennial/shrub bed that was just started this spring. It is located on the north side of my sizeable yard with a 90 acre farm field behind it. We built a stone retaining wall on the north side of the bed to make the resulting planting area level and more easily visible from the deck. I feel I need some sort of backdrop (instead of the soybean field) to make everything a little more visible and protect things from the strong north wind out here in the country. Would emerald green arbovitae work? Any other suggestions?

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They would (the arborvitaes) only if you don't have deer. Over the winter, when their natural food is scarce, deer will crop new arborvitae down to the ground - or up to the 8 foot mark on mature specimens.

With the space you've got behind the retaining wall, I'd suggest easy to acquire inexpensively in several sizes - especially at places like Menard's - relatively fast growing Black Hills Spruce (Picea Glauca var. Densata). Deer won't touch them because of the short spikey needles and they're ideal for windbreaks.

Not to mention the BHS is an attractive, pyramid shaped conifer.

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TheShawMom(Zone 5)

I agree about the deer but they are not a problem here - we are surrounded by flat farmland and they have to cross over a mile from the nearest wooded area. I have other arborvitae in the yard and they've never been touched. The reason I was thinking of a narrower tree is because the spruce would needed to be planted quite a ways apart to allow for mature size and that could take quite a few years to fill in.

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