Root Knot Nematodes and Containers Placed on the Soil

yumtomatoes(10a/FLA)August 12, 2011

My friend has offered to let my place some of my containers with tomatoes in them on the side of her house on a bare area of dirt. My containers have holes in the bottom to let water drain. Is it likely that root knot nematodes will crawl into the holes and eat the roots of my tomato plants or should it be OK?

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I would put your containers on supports to keep them off the soil. Your tomatoes are likely to grow out of the drainage holes and into the soil, otherwise. You don't want to convert your container into a raised bed. Al

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I can't put them on supports on her yard. So I take it that the worms would probably get into the container if I didn't place them on supports above the ground?

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tryinginfla9b(9B North Port, FL)

I used what I had around the house for supports, in my case 2 lengths of 2" diameter pvc pipes. Not very noticeable and just enough to keep them off the ground.
A couple of blocks hidden under the containers would work and not be visable.

Just my 2 cents, good luck with the tomatoes!


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