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homebodyoasisJune 26, 2012

Hi all,

I am close to finalizing my landscaping choices, but am hoping for suggestions about flowering perennials... My zone 5 home faces west with dappled shade from large silver maples in the parkway surrounding our corner lot. As the picture suggests, I was considering coral bells and the rhododendron would actually be behind the japanese maple, but not sure I'm sold on them. Any suggestions? My husband wants to keep the landscaping "clean" and not overgrown so that each plant is set apart from one another... Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas. :)

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What are the measurements on those beds?
Because from where I'm sitting every single thing you have in there will be overgrown and terribly unhappy in no time flat.

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The measurements are 2.2W x 4.5D and 13W x 4.5D (but deeper on either side of the bay window)

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"My husband wants to keep the landscaping "clean" and not overgrown so that each plant is set apart from one another."

That's rather like saying that one wants black paint that's not very dark. A "clean" look is not comprised by having many separate things in close proximity. It's created by having fewer things and greater simplicity. (Simplicity in planting usually brings lower maintenance.) The highly formalized shrub shapes seem fussy looking to me. I'm suggesting moving the tree out of the raised bed and somewhat farther away from the house as otherwise, over time, it's going to engulf the front of your house and you'd need to become creative with its pruning. (Google some pictures of fully grown Jap. maples in front of houses.) In my picture I'm showing the Rhododendron outside of the bed. (Kind of.) But unable to see your lay of land, I'm not sure that could be done.

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