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homebodyoasisJune 26, 2012

Hi all,

I am close to finalizing my landscaping choices, but am hoping for suggestions about flowering perennials... My zone 5 home faces west with dappled shade from large silver maples in the parkway surrounding our corner lot. As the picture suggests, I was considering coral bells and the rhododendron would actually be behind the japanese maple, but not sure I'm sold on them. Any suggestions? My husband wants to keep the landscaping "clean" and not overgrown so that each plant is set apart from one another... Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas. :)

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Is the rhododendron of choice R. Catawbiense? They can grow quite large and are normally dense, but will open up and sprawl if shade and other conditions aren't exactly favorable. I had one from a neighbor in Maryland who had them growing wild on a piece of property in N. Carolina. Mine got huge - 6' high with a 10' sprawl. It was a thing of beauty though.

The idea of the stoop flanking topiary is nice, but that requires regular routine maintenance to keep their shapes crisp.

I have to think; simply because most seem to want a layering of plants - having each one separate and distinct is a bit of a different approach. It's not a large space, and stuff grows.

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