Cucumbers getting small holes and collapse of leaf

tflintonApril 3, 2008


I'm beginning some cucumbers in pots inside my house under a fluorescent lamp they have been growing well until recently I noticed some very small holes (barely even noticeable by the naked eye) on both of the plant's leaves. The plant itself looks healthy but i've also noticed some spots where the leaf is collapsing, the edges of the leaf are slightly yellow as well.

Since this has always been indoors what are the suggestions for remedying this? It's obviously not the work of a large cucumber beetle and it doesn't seem to fit the pattern of fungus. I have noticed some ants hanging around the garden but from what I understand they don't like cucumbers.


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How much do you water the plants? Do you keep the roots wet all the time?

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I water about every other day, they have about 6 leaves. I measured the PH and it's around 7, a little low nitrogen but phosporous, potassium are all at medium levels.

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hi tflinton,

Tiny puncture holes with collapsed leaf could be the work of a "true bug". These bugs have a proboscis that they puncture plants with to suck out juices. The bugs also inject a substance that breaks down plant material to make it easier to suck up. A squash bug is one type of true bug and there are many others, some that attack other insects instead of plants.

This is just one possibility. The hole and collapsed leaf material leads me to believe it is some sort of insect attack though.

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these bugs must be really small as I can't see any of them anywhere (unless ants could do this type of damage).

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Hi again,

Search the leaves very closely and be sure to examine the underside and stem. There could be tiny bugs like aphids on them. Holes usually mean bugs for sure.

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So the small holes have progressed into large brown patches on the leaves, i've posted some photos of it here. What could his be? I doubt it's an insect/pest problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cucumber Photos

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