Where to Buy pumice and turface

peaches20(6 PA)August 19, 2011

Hi All,

I've just been planting my cacti in MG cactus mix. I've been hearing that pumice and turface should be added. Where does everyone purchase theirs? I've looked at HD and a couple of local garden stores but haven't been able to find either one.



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Stall dry is a white colored pumice and can be found at a feed and grain supply store suggest you call ahead to make sure they carry it Some/most Bosnia shops will carry a more porous and larger pumice red in color and carries a higher price Turface Either MVP or All Sport copy link to your browser and use the locator


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I get Espoma Soil Perfecta at Ace Hardware. You may have to order it online and have it shipped to store for free. It's a 27lb bag for 14.99. Same stuff as Turface.
Pumice I have hard time finding it. I use Manna Pro Poultry Grit that I get at Tractor Supply. 25lb bag for about $9.00. It's crushed granite.

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Matt_Tampa(9a/9b Tampa FL)

I got Turface at my local John Deere supplier. You can look them up at lesco.com. For some reason when they package it for JD, they label it "All-Sport" instead of "MVP." I got it for about $9 for a 50 lb. bag, which is about 1.5 cu. ft. Also, I don't think crushed granite is the same thing as pumice. Isn't pumice porous?

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I have seen large bags of red lava rock at the big box hardware stores for use in outdoor grills but the pieces are much too large for containers. At a local Lowe's I did see a 5lb bag of lava rock that would be good size (1/4" to 1/2") for containers but it cost about $10 for a small bag, much too costly for me to use.


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Matt, how long ago did you buy your Turface at Johndeere? A poster on another forum said it cost him $24 for a 50 lb. bag. I'm across the state from you on the East coast. When I need it again, I'll give them a call. Right now I'm using Espoma Soil Perfecta. It's supposed to be the same as Turface, just different color. Here is a pic of my mix. I use 1.1.1 of each.

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Matt_Tampa(9a/9b Tampa FL)

I just bought it a couple weeks ago. Here's the specific store I got it from:

Manager: Terrence Broderick
Phone: (813)887-5055

although it would seem really strange for there to be that big a difference in price between two John Deere stores. But I guess you can always call around to the ones closer to you and check their prices before you resort to the one across the state.

FYI, they had one called "All-Sport" and another called "All-Sport Pro." I got the All-Sport, and when I got it home and looked at it, it seemed to fit the specs for MVP. The dealer had no idea about the particle size of the All-Sport Pro, and I didn't get to look inside the bag, but I asked Al about it, and he said his guess would be that All-Sport Pro is the same as Turface Pro-League, which has too small particles for the mixes. So in other words, you probably want to make sure you get the one without "Pro" in the name. :)

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