need landscaping ideas

grd2345June 15, 2012

I recently put new sod in my yard and there is a place in my yard that I need some landscaping done due to the face that when it rains the roof throws so much water by that palm tree, which you will see in picture. I also installed a drain just outside the sidewalk so water can go there without eroding the dirt. Any ideas that i can do here to make it look nice. I am even thinking of landscaping where the palm tree is and also outside the sidewalk between the driveway and in front of the house. Any ideas?

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Plant different color shrubs around the drain.plant some flowers,bulbs,shrubs along foundation and sidewalk line,don't hard straight,don't too close make a nice plant construction.

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I marked in red the landscaping area i want to do. You think it will work if i take all the sod out in that area and edge it and put rock and stuff there and plant nice flowers. What are your thoughts.

The blue arrow is where the drain is. It is a 1 foot square drain that sends water to the street.

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Avoid hard "C" and straight line.use soft fluid "S" line.

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What is the concrete on the right? Sitting area?

You're going to get requests to post photos from other angles, too. It's a little hard to get a sense of the place from this.

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It seems to me that if the grade were proper (first thing to make sure of) that the drain would be unnecessary and undesirable. How trouble-free it remains depends much on design of the outfall. It does not matter so much that water washes over an area during a rain. What matters is that it is not retained in a puddle.

Your scheme is conveying only the ground area that you propose to encompass, but what are the final forms and heights of plants that you envision? You should be thinking about what mass you are creating and how it appears during the 5 and 10-year range. I'm suspecting something that engulfs the walk and obliterates view of the entrance from the street. (Just guessing.) While some people claim to like this, I find it in opposition to a pleasant appearance.

The side view you offer does not incline itself to working out an overall landscape scheme. A front-on shot would be better. Like pbl_ge, I wonder what the concrete area is. ...?

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This picture is before new sod was put in.

The concrete area is a little driveway the previous owners put in. The picture has a car in front that i can't move yet. I just dont like the little grass between the house and that driveway and that driveway is not graded properly so we had to put that drain their just to help, but we want some type of landscaping between the driveway and the house instead of a little strip of grass and to help with erosion since tons of water falls off roof by palm tree and makes its way down that little space. before we sodded, it already formed a little trench from erosion even with grade.

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First thing I'd do is install gutters to direct the water where I wanted to it go and keep it from washing out any planting beds.
No matter what you plant, if you don't address the water coming off the roof you'll still have that problem.

Gutters don't cost a whole lot for the work they do. :)

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that is why we have the drain so water will go to drain and not wash out the beds. we want rocks to help with the water falling off the room. Gutters for our type of roof cost more then 1500 bucks for our small house

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Consider a DIY guttering project, starting with the runoff from the garage roof. The big boxes sell all the parts you'd need.

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ok, i will look into doing this guttering stuff. so once i do the guttering project, do you still have any landscaping designs in that area?

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Any ideas after guttering the roof?

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karinl(BC Z8)

It seems to me that you are using the word "landscaping" to refer only to plants. The definition used here is generally more comprehensive, and specific plant selection advice is usually better gotten on forums specific to the type of plant that interests you, if there is one, or a forum specific to your region. Or, just skip forums and take the question to your local nursery, where staff may be able to advise you on plants that do well locally and you can see what you like, or they may be able to recommend a garden designer.

Karin L

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The opinions of 'what good landscaping is' vary from person to person on this forum regardless of whether they're coming from pro or novice. Mine is that it looks like you're going to go off in the wrong direction (based on the bed line you've already proposed) and you'd like some help to get there. The only people who could help you are the ones who agree with your wrong direction. One must ask what your overall objectives are as, other than dealing with rainwater, they're not clear.

I concur that DIY gutters & downspouts would be a big improvement. And based on your picture, I can't see a reason proper grade couldn't be established unless your sidewalk has succumbed to settling. It wouldn't take much. If the sidewalk has settled, it would need to be fixed before anything else could be accomplished.

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the thing is i don't like little strip of grass between driveway and sidewalk and want to pretty it up.

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Brad Edwards

I am used to floria and have lived there a while.

I know a lot of people that don't want gutters use rock for bed, personally I think a couple of sago palms under that windmill would look really good, surrounded by a low maintenance rock bed.

I agree with design c, something to soften the c and something extending the home, where his Sagos are I would probably plant another type of palm, personally I Like bismarck and canary island date, though both get pretty large.

I don't know if you've taken care of that drainage, but a french drain would totally cover the problem, DIY should run less than 100 with sand, pipe 50ft, gravel, and fabric if you budget it "not including soil for the top of it nor grass".

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