Need help, landscaping sparse

KadypaJune 14, 2012

We moved into an old house with no landscaping, my mother put together what is in the pictures. I like what she did but do not love it.

What should I do to make this look stunning? My husband suggested putting in a hydrangea at each end and taking out what is there.

The plants are: closest to the steps, mountain fire japonica, next autumn joy sedum, blazing star liatris, another sedum and the on the ends one side has a rose tree, the other heuchera bc the other rose tree died of black spot. I don't like the ends being different either.

Thanks for ANY input!! Kady


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The hydrangeas and other plants work,the left side is shade area,could plant hostas.just the plants need to have nice combinations.the bed might wrap the sidewalk straights and the front foundation corners along fluid curve line,to soft the straights,but don't plant close up.

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The Lone Ranger mask shape of the beds strike me. Eliminate the upward dip.

Is the left side always shaded/partially shaded by the boulevard tree? If so, matching at least the "flavor" of both sides takes some thought. I believe the double file viburnum can be trained into a standard, but size will matter.

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karinl(BC Z8)

"Stunning" is hard to get to when your basic layout is so conventional... a foundation planting on each side of the porch... and also when only a patch of the landscape is being addressed at one time. It's a bit like trying to make a tired living room "stunning" by adding, let's say, a conventional recliner.

If all you do is add a few plants, you can take it up a notch, but as Duluth says, be sure to get appropriate plants for the conditions on either side. But if you want stunning, a bigger-picture approach and few bigger decisions would be on the horizon - hardscape, removing overgrown material, etc.

I hope your mom's feelings are not too much at stake, and if they are, I would say you're relatively well served in that it looks planned and tidy. It's a good start for sure. Maybe punch it up with annuals for this year, and ponder it for a while. Landscaping is never forever anyway - things grow, die, and just wear down.

Karin L

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