growing butternut squash in containers

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)August 17, 2009

My gardening zone is 4. I live in Boyne City Michigan; this town is in the northern part of the lower peninsula.

I know that as a rule-of-thumb there are certain vegetables and fruits that don't grow well in containers. To my knowledge these vegetables and fruits are any kind of squash, any kind of melon, and indeterminate varieties of tomatoes. I know that these vegetables and fruits shouldn't be planted in containers cause they need lots of space, don't like cramped quarters and having limited space, and their vines go all over the place.

However the variety of butternut squash I plan to grow is butterbush. Compared to traditional varieties of butternut

squash this variety of butternut squash has a more compact

growth habit, and as the name of the seed implies, it grows in the shape of a bush. This variety of butternut squash

is more tolerant of being spaced closer together with the plants than other varieties of butternut squash would be,

since the seed was designed and bred to be grown in close and confined spaces.

I do have some questions about growing butternut squash

in containers. What type of soil does butternut squash prefer? Is butternut squash a cool weather vegetable or a warm weather vegetable? I know that certain varieties of

squash like zucchini and summer squash prefer warm weather and grow best in warm weather; however I've never grown

butternut squash before so I don't know whether it's a cool weather vegetable or a warm weather vegetable.

I use 10 gallon storage containers for container gardening; there are holes that have been drilled in the bottom of the container for irrigation. How many butternut squash plants can I grow in a 10 gallon container without overcrowding them? This is AFTER the butternut squash plants have been thinned out.

For something like butternut squash, even though the variety I plan to grow is more compact, I would probably use 15, 20, or 30 gallon containers. How many butternut squash plants can be grown in a 15, 20, or 30 gallon container without overcrowding the plants? This is AFTER the plants have been thinned out.

How often do you have to fertilize butternut squash? Is it a "heavy feeder"? I know that most squash are "heavy feeders" meaning you have to give them a liberal application of fertilizer. Does this same rule of thumb apply when growing butternut squash?

To my knowledge any type of squash have numerous vines that

sprawl all over the place. To my knowledge the variety of butternut squash I'm growing, butterbush, has shorter and more compact vines. Would I still need to train these vines to climb via staking or the use of a trellis despite

the fact that the vines are shorter and more compact?

I know that for people who have experience with vegetable gardening and with growing butternut squash these questions will seem very basic. However I'm a novice with vegetable gardening; I am growing some vegetables now but this is my first real gardening experience. I also don't have any experience with growing butternut squash. I could really use advice and help, suggestions, etc. with with growing butternut squash in general and growing it in containers as well.

Any suggestions and advice given regarding growing butternut

squash will be very much appreciated.

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The answer to all your recent posts on 'what size container for...' is the same.

Get an EarthBox and follow their planting instructions.

It will make your life much easier than wondering about every single plant.

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Your advice is a load of dung and doesn't help at all. I would love to get an earthbox except not all us are made of $$$! I can't afford an earthbox.

Maybe you can, but I CAN'T!

The way I'm gardening is not how I want to garden. I can't grow the varieties of seeds I want to grow because I can't afford them, they're too expensive. I can't afford
to do gardening the way I want to with container gardening,
because I'm on a really limited budget. I have to work
with the resources I have available to me.

You're suggestion of "get an earthbox it'll solve all your problems" IS NOT A VIABLE OPTION FOR ME. I can't get
the size containers I would like to grow stuff in, because
the bigger size containers are more expensive, and I can't afford them.

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Well pardon me for being one of the few people willing to respond to your redundant posts that you appear to learn nothing from.

I will correct myself immediately.

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LOL!! I love it

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I am growing zuchini in containers and they are doing just fine.
I planted 4 in half gallon flower pots and transplanted the best one into a ten gallon container (rubbermaid with holes drilled in the bottom) then did not feel like ripping the other three out and had no where to transplant them and did not really need 4 zuchini so I left them in the half gallon pots.
They produced zuchini-and are still producing zuchini-the one I put in the ten gallon container is much bigger but has yet to produce a zuchini.

My point is that not all plants need "ideal" growing conditions. You may do very well with one plant in a 15 gallon container. You may find you need to water more frequenly in container then in the ground but if you don't mind getting 13 squash instead of 15 just work with what you have.
I feed my container squash frequently-weekly-and I actually have to water the ones in the tiny containers twice per day.

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