Bell Peppers

bigpinksAugust 11, 2011

I would appreciate some opinion from those of you who have tried several diff bells in the 5-1-1. Which one does well in the mix and gets some size etc? I had three diff ones and one outdid the others by far. Produced more fruit and the plant is still quite large and very green. The peppers are not large however. The rub is that I got mixed up and dont know if it is Big Dipper or Lady Belle. Which ones should do the best in zone 6?

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Try googling images of the two and see if you can compare the peppers and figure it out.

I am in zone 6 as well, did not use 5-1-1 just regular potting mix. California green wonders and burpee red bells did the best for me this year. Size wise, the burpee is the winner. Yields were about the ssme for those two. They are all still producing quite well too. I think I will do more of the burpee reds next year... Not sure on the green wonders though.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

I've got a Chinese Giant, and a California Wonder, both growing in 511 in 5 gal buckets. The CW is doing a bit better. Currently there is 10 peppers on the CW. Some are quite large. I'm leaving them on the plant hoping that they'll turn red.

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redshirtcat(6a MO StL)

I'm in 6a growing peppers in undersized containers in the 5-1-1. The only ones I've had trouble with are Big Daddy's falling over because they get too tall for the pots. Some issues with sunburn on all of the plants - next time I will clump them together or find a spot with less overhead sun.

Here is this morning's haul:

All of the following are very productive and growing to full size:

Swallowtail Seeds:
'Red Knight' (early issues with aphids, lacewings fixed)
'Big Bertha'
'Mohawk Patio' (more of an ornamental, I wouldn't buy again)
'Cajun Belle' (hot peppers, incredibly productive, attractive)
'Early Sunsation' (gritty mix)
'Fat N Sassy' (gritty mix)

'Big Daddy'
'Great Stuff'
'Sublime' (my favorite - very thick, large, early)
'Sweet Orange Belle II'
'Red Delicious'

The Red Knights are supposed to do very well in 6-6a but as I noted above they were started indoors and had issues with aphids when I first put them out and are behind everything else. The peppers are still great they are just lagging. These are all in 5qt pots (undersized) and generally get watered twice a day during the summer - more when the temps were above 95.

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thank you very much

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