Gritty Mix; Watering in Summer; Michelia Alba?

rubyjchangAugust 21, 2013

Hi everyone,

I am just wondering how often do you have to water your plants in the gritty mix in the summer?

I know watering depends on many many factors: humidity, indoor/outdoor, temperature etc. But I just want to see what is the approximate time in between watering since my Michelia Alba plant has been weird lately in the Gritty Mix.

When indoors. My michelia alba plant (in about 3 gallon pot) can go 3 days between watering. However, this is the first year it has been in the "real outdoors" (aka my balcony, it has been outside for a few months), which is WEST facing (insane amount of light in the afternoon), though temperatures now are only in the mid-80s, I have to water EVERY SINGLE that normal? ( I think the mix is still a bit moist with the wooden chopstick).

Usually I water in the afternoon, and by the same time the next day, the leaves will be very very sad and droopy, so I would water it, and it would be very perky and happy in a couple of hours. Is that because Michelia Alba is just not very happy with DIRECT FULL AFTERNOON sunlight and it will recover every night uneventfully, or there is something amiss with my watering/gritty mix? will this harm my plants that it is so droopy in the afternoon (i really really don't want to OVER-water, however, since it recovers after watering I don't know if that is because I watered it or if it is just because at night, it is happier)...


p.s. Picture of "perky michelia plant' at dusk.

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With as much foliage to transpire away water, and the west exposure, the size of the container, sunny days of summer you will quite probably find daily watering necessary. Al

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IMHO...I am not a big fan of gritty for many applications. The potting mix is very heavy if it is sizeable. I used it on my deck for a lemon tree in a terra cotta pot. I found I needed to be watered every day. The standing water in the saucer all the time presented problems. The constant watering was a pain and water dispersal (saucer) kept my supporting beams wet (not good). There are apps where it can be great...just too much work for an old man that has much other gardening to do...

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