What containers should I use?

lunar_owl (7a / Long Island)(7a)August 17, 2012

I just ordered several berry plants and need some help figuring out what are the best containers for them (size/material/etc) - and which of them I should just plant in the ground.

Here is a list of the plants that I bought and what size the websites said they would be:

- Blueberry (Top Hat): ships as potted (4") two year old; mature 2' spread/height

- Strawberies: ships as potted (4") two year old

* Fragola di Bosco: mature height 8-10", spread 14-16

* Purple Wonder: mature height 8-12", spread 10-12"

* Elan F1: mature height 8-10", spread 14-18"

* White Pineberry: mature height 8-12", spread 10-18"

- Gooseberry (Hinnomaki Red): ships as potted (4") two year old; mature height 3-5', spread 2-4'

- Currant (Perfect Red - Ribes sativum 'Perfection'): ships as a two year old; mature spread 3-4'

- JuneBerry (Owen's Drawf?): ships as 1-2' plant; mature height 3'

Also, any potting/growing tips are greatly appreciated; I'm new to gardening and I am really looking forward to some berries next year.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

This is an excellent forum. I also suggest you check out the fruit forum, it's also an active forum with lots of experienced fruit growers. The only thing I can comment on is the blueberries, which I grow in containers. Your Top Hat could go in a 5 gallon container, or you could start a litle smaller. The mix is critical. I use pine bark mulch and peat in approx a 3/2 ratio. I use 2 tablespoons of white vinegar per gallon of water when watering, and the soil HAS to be kept moist. Fertilizing is another subject, and there are lots of threads on fertilizing blueberries.

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lunar_owl (7a / Long Island)(7a)

Thanks for the suggestion edweather, I'll start a thread in the fruit forum too.

A five gallon container is about the same as a 12 inch contiainer, right? I think I have a couple plastic planters that size. Would I need to move it up to a bigger container later on or is that as big as it will ever need?

For potting, I was thinking of using this:
with some amendments such as pine needles, coffee grounds, etc. But I could do pine mulch and peat instead if it will make a big difference.

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