Rocks in lawn - why???

tmartin42June 21, 2011

Hey folks - new to the forums, and I'm hoping you can help me figure this out. I've got a section of the yard that's shady and slightly lower in elevation. The previous owners put in a rock garden that's now a huge weed patch that's almost impossible to weed because of the rocks. Preen or anything stronger is not an option: I have a two year old and the area is highly accessible to her. I started digging them up and found a net underneath them: not a weed barrier, but a plastic net that looks like the kind they put on hillsides to prevent erosion. I'm wondering if the area was boggy and eroding, and they put the rock garden in there for drainage issues. However, I've never seen water in the rocks and there's no pond there. It is, however, the buggiest section of the yard. Mosquitos just love it there.

So, question 1: why the net? Do you think the area had drainage problems the rocks are intended to solve?

and Question 2: if so, what would you do there? I'm planning to weed barrier and put some pavers for now. Any other thoughts?

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The net was probably to keep the rocks from settling into the dirt. If the mosquitos like it best, it probably is the wettest. They may have put rocks there because they couldn't get anything to grow there.

Have you dug up any of the rocks in the middle to see if it's wet under there? After you finish removing the rocks, you may want to wait until after it rains a bit (or hose it down) to see what happens to the area and if it does collect some water.

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Is the rock area near lawn? It could be that the whole area including the rock part was once covered with sod. Sod is grown on a plastic net. When the sod couldn't make it because of the moisture, maybe they dumped the rocks in right on top of the net.

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