Cuke Leaves Wilting/Drying Out

amillionand1August 4, 2011

I decided to try my hand at vegetable container gardening earlier this year, but my cucumber plants leaves are drying up and wilting. I water at least once a day, usually because I go outside in the afternoon to find my plant limp and sagging. After I water it, within 30 minutes, the leaves and vines perk up, but the leaves closer to the bottom of each vine are drying up. I recently removed several dead leaves from the bottom of each vine, and now the *new* bottom leaves are drying up. I live in the Dallas area, which has recently turned into an oven with 33 days (and counting!) at 100+ degrees.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? Am I over watering? Could the roots be getting too hot in their pots? Is the triple digit heat just killing them?

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valentinetbear(z6 PA)

Yeah, your triple digit streak is making news across the nation. Lucky, lucky you. ;)

It probably doesn't do them any good, but it's also possible it's Powdery Mildew. I know, sounds dumb, but it's really a soil-born fungus that spreads by air. Do a little googling on it, and see if you can find pictures to see if it looks familiar to you. I know cukes, squash, and lilac are particularly suseptible.

If that's it, at least you don't have to treat the leaves in the middle of the day. In the evening, which really isn't any better than the middle of the day, but at least you're out of straight down sun. And, since you're also in the middle of a mean drought, you won't have to repeat as often as usual. ("Repeat treatment every three weeoks or whenever it rains.")

And, yes. If you're beginning to wonder, there will be a day when Dallas goes back to cooler weather. Promise. I can't make the same guarantee about your drought, but I'm pretty sure that will end too, eventually.

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need more imfo, its guessing. what size container,soil, fert, sun, etc. (pictures)

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