advice on rooting plumeria

joshuac1v8(6b-Lower Mid TN)August 10, 2014

I just recieved 3 plumeria cuttings appr 12 to 14 inches long. They were given as a gift from my sister who just got back from Hawaii. Ive been reading up on getting them rooted and im already a big user of Al's gritty mix, which is what I'll prob use to pot them.
My main concern is im not sure if i should try potting them up now or possible keeping them through winter because of where I live (only about 2 1\2 months of hot weather left). They also have a wax coating at the base and im not sure if i should cut this off when time to plant or just leave it on??
Like i said im a complete newbie to plumeria's and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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There is a Plumeria forum... and you might get better and more in depth answers to your specific questions there.

I'm not sure about the wax coating, but I know they need to form a callous before you can root them... from what I understand, you would take cuttings, then allow them to callous for 2 weeks (kind of like cacti).

Then, you would pot them, and since they don't require a lot of light for the rooting process, keep them out of direct sun. I used bottom heat to root mine, which seemed to speed up the process a bit. I also kept the potted cutting under greenhouse-like conditions by covering the container with a baggie to keep in humidity.

I potted my Plumeria cutting in a clear disposable plastic cup so I could see root formation better. I also adjusted my Gritty Mix so it held a little more moisture during the rooting process. Once it rooted and had top growth, I potted it in a bigger container using my standard Gritty Mix.

I also had to mist the cutting occasionally, as I recall, as it began to desiccate a bit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plumeria Forum

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I'm not sure how long cuttings keep; that is a question for the plumeria forum. I think the wax coating may actually be the callous itself - I'd leave it alone. I feel like I read somewhere that plumeria root better in the warm weather. I rooted mine on a concrete patio to take advantage of the bottom heat. My two cuttings rooted in record time last year with the egg method. Just pot up your cuttings with a whole chicken egg buried below the cutting. No smell, no mess, just a really happy plant! I re-potted mine recently and just found a hollow dry eggshell.

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joshuac1v8(6b-Lower Mid TN)

thanks to you both for taking the time to give advice ill check out the Plumeria forum more and see what i come up with.

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No problem... and good luck with your cuttings!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


I'll help you even if it isn't the Plumeria forum too! ;-)

Those size cutting are wonderful and actually more desired because they are healthier . You could also root smaller ones , but I prefer taller one or what we call " antlers". ;-)

I would defiinetly get them started in the gritty mix as long as they are callused at the ends. The film you speak of is probably paraffin. Some use this to callas. Take that off and you should have a beautiful swollen bottom truck. Hopefully white in color.

Make your Gritty mix. And I use plastic Starbucks cups. I also would go and buy styrofoam from Michaels to help stabilize you cutting one you pot up and place on the seedling heating mat. Dip your rooting in water and the. Dip in root tone or ( half root tone and sulfur) pot up in your container more than half way down the cup.. You want it to be stable. Cover with gritty mic and take those styrofoam squares that you will cut to keep rooting from moving around in the cup. Water them once and then wait. You can always mist if you see them wrinkling. But they do sometimes so don't worry to much. They have a lot of moisture inside them, just a mist once a week in the summer will be fine. I keep mine on seed mats and in greenhouse right now. I also just started some too! So it's not to late. It can take 6-8 weeks. Keep them out of direct sun too.. Bottom heat is the key...

Please keep from lifting and poking looking for roots. These little guys have very fragile roots. This is one reason I use clear plastic so I can observe without messing with them.

You could hold off until next spring, buti wouldn't. They are healthy now, so bet them Going. !!!

I hope this helps.

Good luck

I did check the Plumeria forum, didn't see you, so I came back here to find you!! ;-)

Have fun!!

Here is a pic of my rooting bin..


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I like your idea for holding them upright and straight within the containers, Laura! A great idea as they work to establish roots! Nice! :-)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thank you, Jodi!! They are on seedling heat mats too!!!



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