What to fill 'black holes' with?

temesJune 15, 2010

At this time of year there's some black topsoil showing in my garden and I really don't like it, I want a lush grown look all summer long(late summer the garden has filled out though quite well). I don't mean big empty spots, I have nice plants everywhere but I'm looking for suggestiongs for some quickly spreading, nice looking plants that could fill out those empty spaces between the "main" plants.

I live in South Finland, just to give direction about the climate. I appreciate any suggestions!

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Some plant suggestions might be easier to provide if we knew the cold and heat extremes or your region.

But without knowing anything about the temperature ranges and solar exposure, I would say some type of emphemeral (i.e spring blooming) bulb plant would work for you like a daffodil or hyacinth.

It comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb ready for the next cast of players to take the stage!

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South Finland?

Alyssum and lobelia will grow and spread quickly from seed. start it indoors and plant out as soon as you can.

Spring bulbs, as already mentioned, can be planted this fall for next year.

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Suggest you repost your question on the Perennials Forum where you should receive some helpful suggestions. I am not certain of your growing zone but Bergenia and primoses might be good filler plants to consider. Also, almost unknown is the fact that peony foliage can be cut back to the ground with no harm to next year's growth about the end of July. I have often used this method in my perennial garden designs to fill in blank spaces while waiting for fall blooming perennials to shape up.

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