My containerized plants

haxuan(Vietnam)August 14, 2011

I wish to share photos of my container plants.

In this planter, I have ivy and a kind of "grass" that produces tiny white blooms (you can see them in the second photo.) The "grass" has two varieties: variegated and all green.

This is another kind of "grass" which I brought back from the US. Would appreciate if you can provide an ID.

And a Maidenhair fern

I usually bring these plants inside to dot around my living room.

Thanks for viewing.


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The grass is called Liriope or Monkey grass and it is native to East Asia. It is not really a grass, but rather a lily.

The ivy is English ivy.


Thanks for sharing your pictures!

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You know I had to take a peak, right?:-)

Another beautiful display of talent and gift. What a great job Xuan and thank you for sharing your lovely plants. Please keep them coming and a few view shots of your yard too if you can.

My Mom and sister also say hello back at you for the nice message you left them on the Cactus forum. You are so sweet.


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Mike: :-)

HTH: Thank you for the ID.


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"HTH: Thank you for the ID."

Xuan - HTH is an abbreviation for the saying Hope that Helps.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Great plantings!
Wish I could help with the grass ID.
Hello, Xuan and Mike ;-)


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Your container combinations are lovely! :)

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Hi, you do have some lovely plants, Xuan.
The one with the white edges to it, variegated, is probably called AZTEC GRASS, do not know the proper name, but I have it purchased from Lowes or Home Depot. I have mine in the ground, because it is very hardy to cold temperatures.

And I do LOVE leriope. Yours is a beautiful plant displayed very artistically with the contrasting ivy.

May I suggest that you look for any variety of ASPEDISTRA ?
It is native to many parts of Asia, and will look fantastic. It was very popular as a container plant because it can live with almost no light and grows indoors or out. I am a fan of these strong growing plants, with their strap like leaves. You might find some at home in VietNam, without need to import them. I have many plants in my sort of tropical garden that were originally from Asia. Love my camellias, aspedistra, azaleas, taro, etc!!!

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Yumtomatoes: oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know the appreviation :)

Moccasinlanding: many thanks for your inputs. I will try to look for the plant you suggested.


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... to look here, check the C&S forum, I have added some photos there.


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