HAVE: Green and Yellow Fig for Zone 9 (Panache)

Joppah(9)November 2, 2013

figs taste like strawberry jam when fully ripe
slow grower
is a zone 5-9 fig but is best close to zone 9

I have 30+ cuttings sitting in water
can trade rooted or unrooted (rooted will take a while)

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I'm interested in your panache fig cuttings! Sending you an email.

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keiki(10 FL)

I would like to trade for your rooted panache. I have vanilla vine, red sugar apple, raja puri banana, ice cream banana, double banana, okinawa spinache and lots of tropicals. If interested please email me at ladygardener 1 at comcast dot net. I have no luck linking my email with GW.

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I am interested in a trade, i have access to American plum, unknown peach, american persimmon, fuyu persimmon, two different unknown pomegranate cultivars, black mulberry, lots of unknown fig varieties, bois de arctree(for che fruit rootstock)
Let me know if your interested in any cuttings are budwood from these...
ive got lots of plum suckers and american persimmon suckers that are easliy dug up 2-5ft tall

i am interested in a couple panache fig cuttings/plants

Justin - Texas Zone 8B/9

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Still have 7+ cuttings of fig left

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I would like one. What are you looking for?

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How large does this tree get? I have several Figs I can take cuttings from. I would liek to trade

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PLEASE....... I have 2 yr LSU Gold Fig in pots, Chocolate Vine plants and Elderberry in 3 gal pot. Tell me what you are looking for

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Very interested in Panache.
I have brown turkey, lsu purple, banana, and black mission figs.
My figs do have the mosaic virus (doesn't seem to hurt them). I have some longan seedlings. lotsa blackberry varieties, red raspberry varieties, jewel black raspberry.

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