Taking down Bradford Pear Tree in Front yard what other tree?

jess2132000(PA)June 22, 2011

Was looking to take down the biggest and oldest Bradford Pear tree this fall (The one in the front by the driveway) Probably the 2nd one by the house will be in a year or two as well. I would like to replace with a white japanese lilac tree or a purple flowering plum tree. So any thoughts or suggestions?

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I like big trees,great landscape only is them.don't take down it please or just prune some.you could add some shade plants such as azalea.

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Just big trees give you enough oxygen.

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I think you are smart to remove the Bradford Pear. They are pretty, but so fragile & prone to splitting apart. Not the characteristics of a tree that is near your cars :)

Do you want a tree that is lollipop shaped again? I'm assuming you do want flowers. I would go with a redbud in that spot because they tend to be a little more open-looking than the pear and it's really hard to see your house right now. It looks like it's a cute house with good curb appeal, I feel like the Bradford Pear is hiding it.

The tree-lilac is another good choice. Very pretty.

Are you going to use the same tree in both places or have them complement eachother? If you go with the purple/red foliage of the flowering plum you might want to use a smaller shrub with similar foliage on the side of the house. Maybe a purple sandcherry? I think it would look more interesting to have similar color, but different forms in those 2 spots. It would still look planned (as opposed to looking like impulse purchases) but avoids the matchy-matchy look.

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always_outside(8a DFW, TX)

Good idea to remove them. I had two in the front of my then tiny yard and it really opened up the house view. Bradford pears are too fragile and start to look gangly and ugly as they get older, in my opinion. I replaced mine with a Royal Raindrops Crabapple and it's gorgeous. I moved and really miss that house now!

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I cry,about big trees,in many thread,always kill,kill...big trees mean spiritualization(some religions think thousands years old tree be god ),culture,history or prehistory,environment,nature...

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

designshare, let me tell you about Bradford pear trees. When younger, they have a lovely symmetrical shape. They also have beautiful flowers -- which smell like something I can't mention. Their limbs are weak, and break in ice storms or heavy snows -- and after that, nothing can be done to keep them from looking ugly.

And I guess you don't know anyone who's lost a family member when a tree fell on their house. Just a few weeks ago, two teenage sisters died in the next county when a tree fell on their home. My mother has a friend who lost her husband that way: he was asleep in bed at the time. You're supposed to be safe in bed, right?

some religions think thousands years old tree be god -- Some people believe the earth is flat. Saudi Arabia doesn't let women have driver's licenses. The world is full of crazy people.

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Don't worry,I said prune the pear than chop it.
a ugly old tree always is costly in NY.people often enjoy it's prehistory,nature...
I think enjoy are ALL.when you are enjoying a movie,I mightn't call you:"stop,I don't agree something in the movie"
Saudi Arabia wemon enjoy their religion.
my driver's licenses give me some hurt,even die chance too.I don't like it sometime.
I often agree the earth is flat,or I can't design a building,a ,pool...
if I always tell people your place is a part of sphere,my clients will tired me.
here are some very prune successful old trees:

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I have checked out a old tree price,greenhouse tell me $20000 at least some place.

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Well went to the nursery today and the guy that would be taking it down has a nursery and he has 3 Ivory silk Lilacs but two are smaller 1 single trunk ones and do not seem big enough for me (may looked lost in front of that back Bradford Pear. The 3rd one which was a nicer size was a multi trunk and not sure what that will look like out front. Here is a photo of the lilac which we seemed to like the size of but kinda not sure about the multi trunk then he showed us so Upright Redleft Maples that may also look nice. Not sure Im liking the shape of those but the color is nice. I still favor the lilac but not sure about the multi trunks.

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If you're collecting votes, I like the red maple in the middle picture. The shape of it implies it will have a nice spread as it matures. And I just like red maples anyways ;)

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The more I look at this I agree with you pam. Hmm the middle red maple has some nice color and shape. I just might look good there. Maybe I can get my White lilac once we decide to remove the second bradford Pear in a few years. I kinda like the maple as well now.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Lilac as specimen tree = major yawn all but about 4 days of the year...

Decide first on the shape of canopy you want. The pear currently hides your house - is this what you want again? Or do you want something with a lower spreading canopy, a higher canopy, or something that will grow taller and narrower? Then compare that to the shape these maples are likely to attain.

There are many trees besides these three in the world... and many have good foliage, flower, and fall colour attributes too.

I like the foliage and colour of the third picture best.

But also, is this really the best location for a tree in your yard? You probably can't plant in exactly the same spot anyway, but you should make a comprehensive treescape plan here. Maybe, for example, you could plant two or three smaller trees if you didn't plunk one tree smack in the middle of the yard? Might also frame the house better, though hard to tell from this angle.


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Does anyone know what the true name of these trees are? I wanted to see some photos of when they get bigger and what they look like in fall? I was thinking the spreading out look may make it more interesting but I can also see if we choose the 3rd one how we could plant a bed with other things around it. We live in a Twin (two house together) so the houses are close together so our yard is not that big and does not give alot of room for too many trees. Fact the top of the Bradford tree is in the neigbors yard. Heres another shoot of the house.

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Pyrus calleryana "Bradford". Height: 30-40 feet. Spread: 20-35 feet.

I've never seen one that survived a stiff breeze, heavy rain, or snow (or whenever it just felt like dropping a big limb) long enough to really get massive. Yours seems to be about the limit... but only in my experience. Others' experiences may vary.

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karinl(BC Z8)

For the names of the maples you'd have to ask the nursery owner. But he may not know; so what you can also do is look at the growth habit of the tree and try to project out 20 years... and maples also lend themselves to pruning. If you want a high canopy, then all the branches you are looking at today will eventually be pruned off and a similar shape will be over your head. That is why to me the second maple/third picture looks more like what your property needs. But you could accommodate them both, or all three, if you manage them (once the other Bradford is gone, and honestly, it will likely be a lot cheaper to get rid of both at once - on the other hand, letting a new tree grow in for a few years first means you won't have to go through a moonscape phase).

It actually looks like you might have a little new tree by the fence?

Maples aren't always appreciative of being gardened under so if you want a flower bed I would be more inclined to remove your foundation hedge and corner pyramid evergreen, and make a nice garden there - those plantings weren't genius choices to start with and are getting past their best-before date. Removing that corner evergreen especially would open up your front door area nicely.

Tree removal is always a good opportunity to rethink the whole property landscaping. If you do a plan view diagram and draw circles on it to represent the future canopies of your trees you may find it easier to think of options and placements. Consider sun direction and where you want shade.

True you don't have a lot of room but there is scope for much better use of what you have.


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mdvaden_of_oregon(NW Oregon)

Purple Beech tends to be a lot better tree than a Flowering Plum with purple leaves.

Black Tupelo maybe?


M. D. Vaden of Oregon

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Sorry, was reading so fast, I totally missed you were asking about the possible replacement trees. Doh!

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The more I look at the photos of the two Red leafs The upright one might be the better choice. I may have to go back and look again since Id like to have one tht has a single truck with more up right look. I guess the bottom branches can be trimmed so it shows alittle more trunk.(Not sure this should be done after the tree is planted may have to wait a bit) I think I favor the more rounded lollypop look more so then the spread out look in the long run. I was considering the flowering plum but too many other neighbors have that one so really wanted something different.

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