Leaf blower/mulcher

dannyboyblue(5)June 16, 2011

I don't know where else to ask this but:

I've got a blackNdecker blower/mulcher that works fairly well. I'm trying to get the blades replaced or sharpened somehow in order to mulch more than leaves. I would love to shred the piles of pruned branches, sticks and twigs somehow without renting a huge, truck-pulled shredder from home depot.

I thought tweaking the fan in my blower/mulcher with a stronger blade might be the answer.

Any and all advice would be helpful. I'm trying to be resourceful, make my own mulch and what-not.



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Dan, Do hope you figure this out and let me know how to do it! I have the Toro. It has PLASTIC blades. Ack. Was told they're made that way as a safety measure. Oh, please.

Leaves can be very effectively mulch mowed, but that means moving them a long ways to a flat grassy area.

Rosie, Sugar Hill, GA

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If you are referring to the B&D LeafHog or similar type appliance, these were never intended as chippers......only leaf blowers/leaf mulchers. If you want something more powerful and able to handle larger branches and woody stems, you need to purchase something designed for that purpose. Attempting to convert this item for that purpose is a recipe for disaster.

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gardengal, slapping myself for not reading carefully. I would like stronger blades on my Toro leaf blower/mulcher though......something strong enough to mince big oak leaves and twigs. Any thoughts?

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It is what it is. If it were capable of doing more with a slight alteration, it would be done by the manufacturer so that they could market it as such.

If you strengthen the blades you'll shift the weakest link to either the motor or the housing. In other words, something else will break.

PS. Don't ask how I know these things.

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