Does anyone age/compost their own pine bark fines?

acg85August 10, 2014

Hi all,

From my plunge into Container Soils - Water Movement and Retention and associated threads, I recall an old post - which I just cannot find again - explicitly mentioned something like taking pine bark, adding high-nitrogen fertilizer, and leaving it over the winter to have aged-pine-fines in the spring.

If it sounds familiar, can anyone provide detail? Perhaps some water and aeration might help too? Left outdoors in weather, or indoors OK, also?

Assuming that procedure would work, wonder if the (in my area) more commonly available 2" bark nuggets would break down enough to be ready to use in a classic version of 5-1-1.


PS I do understand that many here have mentioned they successfully and routinely use uncomposted bark in 5-1-1.

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Yes you can compost/age your pine bark but I'm not sure about using the big pb nuggets for this. I recall reading similar posts after I bought some bags of fresh but wet pb recently. I asked if they would break down over the winter. The answer was pb stored in a garage would not begin to compost. To make the compost process happen I would store the pb outside all fall/winter so that moisture and microorganisms could start breaking down the bark.

With the small pb I'm sure this would work but those big 2 or 3" pieces would take a very long time to break down. I have garden beds full of chunky pb and they remain in big pieces for many years.


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Thanks for the info, and for sharing your experience with the bigger bark pieces. Good to know.

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