Al's gritty mix storage??

Higgsr1August 5, 2013

I have been slowly collecting and screening all the ingredients for al' s gritty mix. I have 5 gallons buckets of screened pine bark fines, Turface, and Gran I Grit. Is is better to store separately or can I store them in a larger container mixed to 1:1:1 as gritty mix. I'm afraid the pine bark fines will start to breakdown in the buckets.

I won't be using this supply until next spring.

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As long as you don't store wet, the bark will not change in contact with Turface or grit. I have 33 gallon plastic garbage cans I use for storage. Very heavy when full, so don't plan on moving them around. Al

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Thanks, looks like ill be mixing them today. I appreciate it.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


I like to use the five gallon buckets from Lowes with lids.
Each bucket holds the separate Turface, Fir Bark and Grit. When I'm ready to mix, I just scoop out from each bucket...

The combined ingredients will work fine like Al mentioned, but I like to make it when needed...

Thought I would add what I like too!!

Hope you enjoy and have fun!!!


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